Sunday, 29 August 2010

Dispelling a Myth...

Ok ladies and gents, here we have an exclusive. It's not often that Off the Cuff breaks news, but here we go. For the last two weeks of the festival several people have been under the impression that Off the Cuff's very own Pete Armstrong and one of our group's favourite comedians, Alex Horne, are the same person. We now finally have the proof that THIS IS NOT TRUE.

Are you ready? Then scroll down...

These two photos were taken at Alex's excellent show, Odds, which a few of us Cuffers saw today at the Pleasance Courtyard.

Alex, I just wanted to say thank you, firstly for interrupting your own show to bring Pete up on stage; and secondly for not throwing me out/punching me/destroying my camera when I rudely took two photos without your permission. You are a true gent!

Also, if Pete is ever ill, would you be interested in taking his place?!

Yours cheekily,


Winners 23, 24, 25 and 26!

Another four winners for you ladies and gents, after the completion of our penultimate show!

Please say hello to Fiona from Edinburgh (pictured with Dougie);

Kieran from Bracknell (pictured with Tom);

Melanie from West Lothian (the Best Lothian, apparently);

And Syrie from Melbourne (pictured with Ania)! Congratulations to them all!

Our last show is tomorrow: be there!

Thursday, 26 August 2010

The end is in sight.

Hello all! Pete Strong here (not to be confused with Pete Armstrong). I'm the one that looks like this:

I've been up in Edinburgh for a week and a couple of days. I can't really believe that soon we'll be starting to wind down and getting ready to go. Personally I'm looking forward to my nine and a half hour bus journey (!) but I am really starting to get into the swing of the festival now and part of me wishes the festival was continuing.

People have been very friendly and enthusiastic and our audiences have been mostly brilliant so far. Everyone has gotten involved and played along. I have a day off today but feel like I should be out flyering. Not doing anything related to the show just for one day feels wrong. We really have lived and breathed Bingo. Which really is as hard as it sounds.

Over and out. And keep coming to our last five shows!

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Winner No.22

Our list of international winners of 'Bingo! It's Off the Cuff' grows as Rosie from Sydney joins our ranks! Congratulations on your new official Off the Cuff Juvenile Mischief Kit! Here she is pictured with tonight's host, Dougie.

tonight's host, Dougie.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Winner No.21

Our 21st winner is Vladimir from Ealing! Is that his real name and real place of residence? You decide! Congratulations on your new Off the Cuff Gamblers' Starter Kit: a Tony Bennett CD to get you in the Vegas mood, a calculator to work out your odds and an IOU for £300*. Here's Vlad the Winpaler pictured with tonight's host, Pete**!

* Off the Cuff does not honour IOUs. This element of the prize is a joke. Off the Cuff does not have £300; and even if it did, it would spend it on bingo balls, hilarious prizes for our lovely winners and a spare sparkly tiger-print jacket so we can finally wash the one pictured above.

** Pete Armstrong is not Alex Horne, Phil Kay or the second burglar from Home Alone. But he will impersonate them at your event for a nominal fee.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Winners No.17, 18, 19 & 20!

Apologies for the delay in uploading our winners, everybody! So here's four in a row!

Firstly here's Mandy, who won our Off the Cuff Scottish experience: a tin of Scotch broth, a wee Irn Bru and a Michelle McManus CD! Here she is pictured with our host, Simon:Then we have the winner of our Off the Cuff Viva la Revolucion starter kit: a Che Guevara sweatband and a brick (Off the Cuff does not condone violent political action of any sort)! Here's our winner pictured with Tom:

Then we have Mark from Manchester, who won the Off the Cuff Ultimate Pampering Kit: a John Barrowman CD and a Vera Wang Princess make-up case! Here he is pictured with our host, Lloyd:

And lastly here's Andrew from Minnesota, who won the Off the Cuff Mick Jagger Kit: a Marianne Faithful CD and a Mars bar! He's pictured here with our host, Ania. Congratulations to you all!

Friday, 20 August 2010


They're a strange bunch aren't they? Edinburgh is a currently a hive of activity and there's a lot of them about. People, I mean. I've now been out flyering for 'Bingo! It's Off the Cuff' for 17 of the last 18 days and you quickly learn to read people as they approach you. Do they want a flyer? Are they refusing all flyers without looking at them? Are they on the phone, eating some food and probably don't want a piece of card stuck in their face? It's tricky.

And then there are celebs. To flyer or not to flyer?! I've personally flyered Mark Watson (got his name wrong), Paul Zenon (had a nice chat with him about living in Brighton) and the lead singer from Franz Ferdinand, who I saw perform at Stewart Lee's Silver Stewbilee gig the night before. Cuffer Adam Lindsay has just come into the C-Venues computer rooms and told me off for not knowing the name of the lead singer from Franz Ferdinand. It's Alex Kapranos if you want to know! I know that Cuffers have also flyered Stewart Lee, Daniel Kitson and I'm sure some other legends too.

So there's a little taste of our day-to-day lives here in Edinburgh. We're all having a smashing time and you should come and see our show! I'll be posting another bingo winner here very soon. Stu, over and out. Bye!