Friday, 20 August 2010


They're a strange bunch aren't they? Edinburgh is a currently a hive of activity and there's a lot of them about. People, I mean. I've now been out flyering for 'Bingo! It's Off the Cuff' for 17 of the last 18 days and you quickly learn to read people as they approach you. Do they want a flyer? Are they refusing all flyers without looking at them? Are they on the phone, eating some food and probably don't want a piece of card stuck in their face? It's tricky.

And then there are celebs. To flyer or not to flyer?! I've personally flyered Mark Watson (got his name wrong), Paul Zenon (had a nice chat with him about living in Brighton) and the lead singer from Franz Ferdinand, who I saw perform at Stewart Lee's Silver Stewbilee gig the night before. Cuffer Adam Lindsay has just come into the C-Venues computer rooms and told me off for not knowing the name of the lead singer from Franz Ferdinand. It's Alex Kapranos if you want to know! I know that Cuffers have also flyered Stewart Lee, Daniel Kitson and I'm sure some other legends too.

So there's a little taste of our day-to-day lives here in Edinburgh. We're all having a smashing time and you should come and see our show! I'll be posting another bingo winner here very soon. Stu, over and out. Bye!

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