Sunday, 29 August 2010

Dispelling a Myth...

Ok ladies and gents, here we have an exclusive. It's not often that Off the Cuff breaks news, but here we go. For the last two weeks of the festival several people have been under the impression that Off the Cuff's very own Pete Armstrong and one of our group's favourite comedians, Alex Horne, are the same person. We now finally have the proof that THIS IS NOT TRUE.

Are you ready? Then scroll down...

These two photos were taken at Alex's excellent show, Odds, which a few of us Cuffers saw today at the Pleasance Courtyard.

Alex, I just wanted to say thank you, firstly for interrupting your own show to bring Pete up on stage; and secondly for not throwing me out/punching me/destroying my camera when I rudely took two photos without your permission. You are a true gent!

Also, if Pete is ever ill, would you be interested in taking his place?!

Yours cheekily,


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  1. Pete! Are you there? I can't find you on facebook - it's your doppelganger here. I need to ask you something...


    (Alex Horne)