Thursday, 26 August 2010

The end is in sight.

Hello all! Pete Strong here (not to be confused with Pete Armstrong). I'm the one that looks like this:

I've been up in Edinburgh for a week and a couple of days. I can't really believe that soon we'll be starting to wind down and getting ready to go. Personally I'm looking forward to my nine and a half hour bus journey (!) but I am really starting to get into the swing of the festival now and part of me wishes the festival was continuing.

People have been very friendly and enthusiastic and our audiences have been mostly brilliant so far. Everyone has gotten involved and played along. I have a day off today but feel like I should be out flyering. Not doing anything related to the show just for one day feels wrong. We really have lived and breathed Bingo. Which really is as hard as it sounds.

Over and out. And keep coming to our last five shows!

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