Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Winner No.21

Our 21st winner is Vladimir from Ealing! Is that his real name and real place of residence? You decide! Congratulations on your new Off the Cuff Gamblers' Starter Kit: a Tony Bennett CD to get you in the Vegas mood, a calculator to work out your odds and an IOU for £300*. Here's Vlad the Winpaler pictured with tonight's host, Pete**!

* Off the Cuff does not honour IOUs. This element of the prize is a joke. Off the Cuff does not have £300; and even if it did, it would spend it on bingo balls, hilarious prizes for our lovely winners and a spare sparkly tiger-print jacket so we can finally wash the one pictured above.

** Pete Armstrong is not Alex Horne, Phil Kay or the second burglar from Home Alone. But he will impersonate them at your event for a nominal fee.

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